Moses: The Burning Bush

Tuesday 25 July 2017, 10:15am

Tuesday’s Story – Moses: The Burning Bush

The sun was hot. Moses’ skin was burned dark brown. Suddenly, he saw something –  a bright red burning bush! Its branches crackled orange and yellow with flames and Moses could not help but watch, for the bush did not burn.

“Take off your shoes,” came a voice from the bush. “This is a very special place.”

“Who are you?” asked Moses, “And why are you talking to me? I am just a poor shepherd.”

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“I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the God of Israel,” the voice replied, “and you are more then a shepherd. You are Moses, the man I have chosen to lead my people out of Egypt.”

“I can’t do that,” Moses trembled. “I left Egypt years ago, and I’m an old man now.”

“You can do it. You must do it,” God answered, “for my people are slaves in Egypt and have prayed to be set free. I have heard their prayers, and you are the man I have chosen.”

“But what if I go and they don’t believe you sent me?” Moses asked.

“Take the walking stick that’s in your hand,” God said, “and throw it on the ground.”

Moses did as God told him and the stick turned into a wriggling snake!

“Now pick it up,” God commanded.

Moses wrapped a shaking hand around the snake’s scaly middle and turned it back to a stick.

“Show them that! Then they’ll believe you.” God said.

“But I’m so shy,” Moses continued. “I’m no good at talking to people.”

“Don’t worry about that,” God assured him. “Your brother Aaron loves to talk. You can take him with you. Now, go! My people need your help.”

So Moses went. He put on his shoes, picked up his walking stick, and went off to set God’s people free.