Beach Club 2017 Recap: Wednesday

Wednesday 26 July 2017, 12:00pm

Beach Club 2017: Wednesday 26th July (Day 3)

What happened on Wednesday?



A wonderful sunny start to the morning meant the mound was filled with people of all ages, each celebrating God’s love for us by jumping up & down. We also got to recite the memory verse, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” – Psalms 119 verse 105.

Today the children yet again won the To Pie or Not To Pie competition – this time by a considerable margin. We also had the opportunity to hear Andrew’s story of a great escape, just as Moses led the Great Escape of the Israelites in the day’s story.



Group activities today involved many exciting games and incredible craft activities – including today where the 11+ group made bread, remembering that God provided for the Israelites when they needed food to eat.

Unfortunately, it began to rain towards the end of the Beach Club day, and this meant that the final mound session of the morning was cancelled.



Games Afternoon (7-10 & 11+)

Following Beach Club we moved to the West Mersea Free Church for our 2:30pm games afternoon. Organised and operated by Beach Club volunteers, children aged 7+ form teams to complete a series of challenges in a competition-style format, where the winning team will be announced on the mound on Thursday.


Come and join us tomorrow at 10:15am for more fun & games as we learn about Moses Crossing the Sea.

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