Moses: A Long Journey

Friday 28 July 2017, 10:15am

Friday’s Story – Moses: A Long Journey

“We’re hot,” the people complained.

“We’re hungry,” they moaned.

“Where are we going, anyway?” they wondered.

Moses just sighed and shook his head. God had set the Hebrews free, and now he was leading them back to their own special land – the land he had given to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They should have been grateful. They should have been glad, but all they could do was moan.

“We’re tired.”

“We’re thirsty.”

“Are we there yet?”

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So Moses prayed, and God answered. God made fresh water spill out from dry rocks, and provided plenty of plump, meaty quail at dinner time, and at breakfast he covered the ground with sweet, white flakes (the people called this ‘manna’, which means ‘this tastes good’).

Did the Hebrews stop complaining? Not for one minute.

“We’re lost.”

“We’re scared.”

“We should have stayed in Egypt.”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” said Moses. “God has promised to take us to our own special land, and he has chosen us to be his own special people. We can trust him to do the very best for us.”

God did – by day he led them with a thick white cloud, and by night he led them with a flaming torch. God showed his people through the wilderness.