Introducing: Beach Club Notify

Friday 29 June 2018, 3:32pm

Our website has turned blue!

As part of the recent modifications made to our website, we’ve introduced a new notifications system that can send alerts to your devices whilst you’re connected to the internet.

Why do I want notifications?

Notifications can enable us to send messages to you whilst you’re connected to the internet. During Beach Club, we can send a notification to let you know where we are that morning (in case we have to switch venues because of the weather). We can also let you know of any important announcements, such as the cancellation of a Beach Club activity.

How can I sign up?

On supported devices, a new bell icon has appeared in the bottom-left corner of the screen when visiting our website. If you click on this, you’ll be asked to give permission for us to send you notifications.

If you successfully opt-in to receiving notifications, you’ll see the bell changes to look like it’s ringing. You can opt-out at any time by pressing the bell again (and it will have a line through the middle to let you know it has been disabled).