Beach Club Service 2019

Monday 5 August 2019, 12:53pm

Following our week’s activities on the beach, we held our special Beach Club service at West Mersea Free Church where we reflected on what we learned throughout the week, and how Jesus can be part of our lives moving beyond Beach Club to the year ahead.

If you weren’t able to join us for the service, or if you’d like to listen again, a recording of the main highlights is available in audio format below.

Audio recording of the special Beach Club service.

The service came in a few different sections, starting with Andrew French reprising his role as Andrew, the disciple of Jesus we learned about this week. He tells a story about Andrew‘s relationship with Jesus.

Following this, Jenny talks about the week – and the theme this year where we looked at some of the miracles Jesus performed. Jesus is here for us today, just as he was for the people then.

Just like during the week, we ended the service with a gunging, but this time Jenny illustrated how Jesus is with us in the good times and the bad, by joining the losing team captain under the gunge, and protecting them just as Jesus protects us.

We’ve enjoyed Beach Club 2019, and we hope you have too. Join us again next summer for more fun, games and activities at Beach Club 2020!