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We’re on the Beach! (Day 5)

Good morning on this penultimate day of Beach Club 2023! Join us on this beach this morning for songs, games and activities as we explore The Wonder Zone. The final day (Sunday morning at 10:30am) isn’t too far away, so we’re excited to spend more time with you today!

Make sure you also remember your picnic! We’ll be eating together on the beach after Beach Club today.

What to expect

It’s looking slightly warmer today! There’s not much of a breeze and no rain forecast for today, so be prepared for the sun!

If it’s hot, we will provide water to all of the groups throughout the morning, and parents/carers are welcome to visit the tea hut at any time for light refreshments.

When you get here:

  • If you’ve already registered, we’ll add a sticker to your Beach Club booklet and add your attendance to the register
  • If you’re new today, we’ll direct you to our registration desk to sort out any forms, and then children and young people will congregate in the main arena ready for the day to begin.

There’s a little more you might want to know, and we’ve put that all in one place for you…