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Groups @ Beach Club

People of any age can share in the word of God with activities aimed at their specific age range – the groups at Beach Club bring the word of the gospel to the beach, as well as allowing for a time to learn together on the mound.

Ages 0 to 3

We have a ‘fenced’ zone where 0-3s can follow the Bible activities whilst in the safety of Beach Club leaders. The area is fully covered with soft fabric so that the toddlers don’t get too coated in sand. The young ones also have their own craft activities and sing-alongs and so are fully entertained.

Ages 4 to 6

Guided by a team of volunteers, the 4-6’s group will have a great time joining in with stories, games, and fun! Meeting on the mound before and after their excellent sessions, the children can be sure to enjoy their time.

Ages 7 to 10

Meeting on the mound before and after their sessions, the 7-10’s group will be engaging further in the Bible stories for the week, delving deep into the parables with games and activities supporting the fun to be had.

Ages 11+

Empowered activities guided by the parables of the weeks’ stories, the 11+ group create an exciting ‘item’ to represent their week at Beach Club, alongside learning and discovering the Bible in greater depth.

Activities for parents and guardians

Join us by the tea hut after the opening session on the mound to hear about God’s work in our lives, and have a general chat with our team.