Music Licensing Information

We have a selection of music from a range of artists at Beach Club, with every song chosen specifically for Beach Club by our team. We have a variety of different songs we’ve used in the past available on the Music page of this website.

Our Music Licence

We use a copyright licence through the West Mersea Free Church, and obtained from Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) to ensure our music can be played at Beach Club each year. As part of the terms of the agreement, we publish our song information at Beach Club, and we have also published it on our website to make it easier to access song copyright information. The full licence information is available through CCLI. Church organisations do not currently need a licence to use recorded music during worship sessions (known as ‘Acts of Worship’ for licensing purposes).

The Songs we Play

We have a large number of songs in our collection, which we try to change and add to each year. Below are the licensing information sheets from current and previous years.

Current Licensing Information (2018)

Beach Club 2017 Licence Information

Beach Club 2016 Licence Information

Beach Club 2015 Licence Information