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Bible Stories

Each year at Beach Club we have a different theme for the week. In 2015, this was ‘The Life of David’, 2016’s was ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and this year is ‘Joseph’. You can read previous stories here on our website.

The Life of Joseph

Our theme this year is Joseph, where we’re looking at the story of a boy who can read dreams with the help of God.

Stories of Jesus

Our theme for 2019 was the Stories of Jesus – and some of the many miracles he performed.

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

The Life of Peter

Our theme in 2018 was ‘The Life of Peter’, where we learned about Peter’s life and his journey with Jesus.

The Life of Moses

‘Moses’ was our theme for Beach Club 2017, looking at his journey as it is written in the Bible.

The Life of David

In 2015 we looked at the life of David – a shepherd’s son destined to be King.

The Lord’s Prayer

Beach Club 2016 had a variety of stories from different places in the Bible, each representing an aspect of the Lord’s Prayer.