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Wednesday Toddler Time

For those with little ones, Rob and Jenny (from West Mersea Free Church) have put together a weekly live streamed session containing a story, craft and song time. Past episodes are available online at the West Mersea Free Church website. Each episode is around 15 minutes long. The live stream each week starts at 11am […]

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Let’s Eat Cake!

There is (almost) always cake at a wedding. We’ve been inspired by today’s story to make special butterfly cakes, almost as if we were making them for a wedding! Part 1: The Cake Ingredients 100g (4oz) caster sugar 100g (4oz) soft butter 100g (4oz) self-raising flour 2 level teaspoons of baking powder 2 eggs Equipment […]

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Game: “I went on holiday…”

If you’re with some of your friends or family, you could play the “I went on holiday and I packed…” game. It starts like this; somebody says: “I went on holiday and I packed…”They then say something they might have packed, such as “…my shorts.” Then, the next person takes a turn, and they say […]

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